Thursday, 9 February 2017

March Projects - Canada and Food

Project 1:

Over the next months we're going to take pictures of all things Canadian to help celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary. This will be an ongoing project until August and we might see our pictures in the newsletter or bazaar greeting cards. 

So be sure to take your camera everywhere and catch that flag or anything that is uniquely Canadian. 

Project 2:

Our project for February is taking pictures of food. Again, take your camera with you!

A meal out is a nice time to take pictures of friends and food is a big part of what makes it enjoyable. 

Have your camera close by when you cook. But out of the direct line of fire!

Taking step by step pictures of a recipe as it goes will help you remember how to do it and bring back great memories. 

Try some new angles. 

And close ups.

Again, take your camera when you go on an outing. In these pictures I was in the Kensington neighbourhood in Toronto. 

Here's a statue of the king of Kensington from the CBC tv show. 

A neighbourhood garden in a car trunk. 

And the Vietnamese restaurant where we had lunch. I'm glad I took a picture of the outside too. 

I took a picture of the menu on the wall to help me remember how to make this delicious sandwich. 

Next a bluejay game. 

And food was a fun part of that too. 

Have fun with your food!

And remember to take pictures of things that remind you of being Canadian.