Thursday, 23 June 2016

July 2016 Project - Birds & Creatures

Birds and small creatures in nature

Photography TIPS for taking BIRD & 
small creatures photos (in nature) 

•Patience is the key. Sit for a while without talking. You'll see more if you go alone or agree to be quiet 
•Don't want to sit around and wait? Head to the nearest park for some ducks and super bold squirrels.  
•Every day is different - try more than once.
•Birds are more active in late afternoon and evening but so are bugs. 
•The birds and squirrels and chipmunks all like sunflower seeds as well as peanuts.
You can put seeds or peanuts on benches or by rocks or flowers that you'd like in the background. Move well back, wait, and they'll come. 
Once you have some shots see if you can move closer. 
If you don't have food then check out under the brown and green bird feeders.  
Look up in the trees - there's lots going on there. You'll hear birds before you see them.
These animals move fast so try to hold your camera still. 
The pictures can be cropped after so don't worry if the animal is very small in your picture. 
Be flexible - take pictures of the whole scene or flowers. Don't be limited by the assignment - the picture you take might work for next month. 
Try out your zoom to get closer to your subject. 
Bumble bees and other bugs are fun to shoot.
Please email 5-6 “ Birds or Small Creatures or bring them to the next session to share with group.


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