Sunday, 16 October 2016

Nov 2016 Project - Halloween

Short cut:  Take your camera with you more and take pictures of anything to do with Halloween. 

Ideas and suggestions:

It's time to take on all things orange and spooky! Anything to do with Halloween is fair game for our meeting on November 21th at 3pm. 

Halloween is everywhere so think about taking your camera everywhere. Getting your hair cut? Going for groceries? Bet there is a nice display in front of the store. 

Buy a few gourds or some Halloween decorations 

Take what you learned about setting up scenes in the still life assignment and use the gourds or other decorations to group some items together. 

Take your camera on field trips. Hit a pumpkin farm if you can. 

Carving pumpkins? Take pictures of the process as well as the end results. 

Take pictures of people in costumes. 

Don't get trick or treaters? Create some. 

Take pictures of decorations day or night. 

You don't have to buy decorations to take pictures of them. 

We will likely have a photography practice session with Eline in early November where we can hopefully have some left over jack-o'-lanterns to play with and can use our fancy flash diffusers.  

But don't wait until then, snap away at anything Halloween!

Please email 5-6 halloween pictures to Melissa by November 11th or bring them to the next session to share with the group on November 21, 2016

New people are always welcome with or without pictures!

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