Sunday, 20 November 2016

Dec & Jan Projects - Pets and Decorations

We will not be meeting in December so we have two assignments. Taking pictures of pets as well as Christmas decorations. Our next meeting will be January 9th 2017. 

A few tips:

Capturing a pet's unique personality

Pay attention to what your pet's bliss is. Stay calm and try to get some relaxed shots. 

Get down to their level if you can. The eyes are so expressive. 

Have your camera or phone at your side BEFORE your pet decides to snuggle. 

Sleeping is cute. 

But so is crazy play. 

Movement can be tough to capture but give it a try. Check to see if your camera has a sports mode. It's usually indicated by a little running person but blur is okay too. 

Out door lighting might help you with motion as well as provide a nice clear background. 

Adding people provides interest. 

Kittens are always cute. 

But there are other pets beside cats and dogs. 

Don't forget the treats to buy love!

Shooting Christmas decorations  

You can combine the two assignments if you wish!

Get nice and close. Use your macro feature. 

Be aware that you might be in the reflection. (It's OK if you are.)

Get outside. 

You can stay nice and warm in the car. 

Look up!

Try dark


And in between. 

Snow and ice make natural decorations. 

Take your cameras everywhere and don't forget the treats!

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