Thursday, 5 January 2017

Feb Project - People Having Fun in Snow

Taking pictures of people having fun in snow

Time to put on your hat and head outside for some fun!

Take pictures of people having a snowball fight or building a snowman

Try to get some action shots but remember to keep your camera still while you take the picture. That's always important. 

Take pictures of people wearing winter hats indoors or out. 

No one else around? Take a selfie! They are easier on phones but can be done on your camera too just by turning it around and guessing where your cold nose is. Take more than one as it is hit or miss. If it's cold enough, exhale, and see if you can see your breath. 

Selfies are fun with a friend

Night selfies in the snow are awesome! Sit or stand under a light and point up toward the light. Try not to get your camera too wet maybe stay on a porch. 

No packing snow? Get the bubbles out again! 

Look out for animals having fun in the snow too. 


We are taking picture of people or pets having fun in snow

Try to get a few or all of the following photos:

- people having a snowball fight or building a snowman
- people in winter hats indoors or out
- hat selfies in daylight or in the snow at night while under a light
- bubbles!
- animals in the snow 

Always try to keep your camera still while you snap the picture, take more than one picture of the same thing and have fun!

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