Friday, 21 April 2017

Indoor Flowers and Cactuses

We'll be taking a road trip to Belgian Nursery this month to take pictures of flowers and plants. Especially cactus. Turns out the plural of cactus can be cacti, cactuses or just plain cactus. However you spell or say it it's fun to take pictures of them. 

A long shot can be good and interesting 

But you'll get the best detail up close. 

And less chance of stranger's backsides in your shot. 

You won't be able to totally avoid price tags

But again, getting close helps. 

But not so close you get hurt!

Take one picture facing directly at your subject then think of a more interesting angle. 

Look down on your subject or up from underneath 

You never know who might be hiding around a corner

There are some parrots at Belgian Nursery. Cages can be hard to shoot through. 

So move around till you get the bird in focus. 

So to recap, get close, take more than one shot of the same thing from different angles, and don't forget the colour!

Don't limit yourself. Watch for flowers growing outside too and don't forget to take pictures of Canadian things! Dollarama has tons of fun things right now. You can take the pictures right there. 

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