Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tips for Pictures of Canadian Things

Our main focus in May will be taking pictures of Canadian things to help celebrate Canada's 150 anniversary. 

Flags are an obvious Canadian thing. 

A blue sky will make a better picture but rain is always interesting too and really changes the mood. 

It has been a soggy week!

You will need a breezy day to make the flag move and then you will need to take lots of pictures to get the flag open. But the beauty is that pretty much every shot is interesting. Keep snapping and snapping!

Try using things in the background too. 

Get shots with people and the flag. People are the most Canadian thing of all!

Don't forget your pets!

You could also make use of the maple leaf bird feeder by the gazebo. 

Take your camera with you on all your outings there are Canadian things to take pictures of everywhere!

If you can't get outside we'll try to have lots of red and white Canadian props at our practice session in a few weeks. 

We live in a great country - let's celebrate!

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